What is CICAT2025?

The joint project of Finnish universities, Circular Economy Catalysts: From Innovation to Business Ecosystems (CICAT2025) aims to facilitate the transition from linear to circular economy. The project supports Finland’s strategic objective to become a global leader in circular economy by 2025. The project will work to identify measures hampering and supporting circular economy and search solutions for companies and regulators to support the transition to a circular economy.

How do we accelerate change?

Who are we?


Multidisciplinary consortium of CICAT2025 brings together expertise in technology, business, politics, art, linguistics, legislation, and stakeholder interaction. Researchers and coordinators from a total of six organizations are involved.

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Systemic transition – we are in it together!

At least from the industrial revolution, and arguably even earlier, the economic system was built on a linear model with assumptions that natural resources will be abundantly available, and the......

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Tracing the origins of sustainability change agency

In light of waning natural resources and mounting sustainability challenges, there is increasing practical as well as academic interest in how and why individuals, like you and me, can act toward a......

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Scaling up the circular economy!

The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2019) was held in Helsinki 3–4.6.2019. It was the third time this international Forum was organized by SITRA to bring circular economy enthusiastic together to......

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FRUSH 18.–19.9.2019

Wahreninkatu 11, Forssa 18.9.2019 10:00

CICAT2025 is participating in FRUSH, Circular Economy Event for Startups and Growth Enterprises, with stand, workshop and presentation.18.9.2019 at ISO AUDITORIO13.30 |  Where might the potential for......


Tutkijoiden yö 2019 Kuopiossa 27.9.2019

Kauppakeskus Matkus, Kuopio 27.9.2019 16:00

CICAT2025-hanke osallistuu Tutkijoiden yöhön. Tule moikkaamaan meitä ständillemme!Lue lisää...


European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy 30.9.–1.10.2019

Finlandia Hall, Helsinki 30.9.2019 13:00

CICAT2025 is participating in European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy with stand. Meet us there!Read more about the event...

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