The CICAT2025 blog deepens the miserable problems of the circular economy, but takes a positive and solution-oriented approach. The blog covers insights from top research authors and lessons learned along the way.

Systemic transition – we are in it together!

At least from the industrial revolution, and arguably even earlier, the economic system was built on a linear model with assumptions that natural resources will be abundantly available, and the......

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Tracing the origins of sustainability change agency

In light of waning natural resources and mounting sustainability challenges, there is increasing practical as well as academic interest in how and why individuals, like you and me, can act toward a......

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Scaling up the circular economy!

The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2019) was held in Helsinki 3–4.6.2019. It was the third time this international Forum was organized by SITRA to bring circular economy enthusiastic together to......

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