The CICAT2025 blog digs deeper into the wicked problems of the circular economy, but takes a positive and solution-oriented approach. The blog covers insights from top research authors and lessons learned along the way.

Special Call – Visual Catalysts 1.11.–31.12.2019

We welcome both artists and scientists to join the Visual Catalysts exhibition!We are living in a slow-motion climate crisis. Old ways of seeing got us here. Our way as consumers needs to be seen from......

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Sustainable future through co-operation: CICAT2025 participated in the European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy

One of the events during the Finnish EU Presidency, the European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy conference, took place in Helsinki on 30 September – 1 October 2019. The purpose of the......

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Catalysts accelerating the transition to a circular economy in the construction sector

As the effective running of a circular economy requires active collaboration across disciplines and broad input from a variety of stakeholders, our multidisciplinary team maintains close ties with......

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Researchers promote circular economy through augmented reality

The circular economy researchers conducting the CICAT2025 project appeared virtually at an event arranged during Finland’s presidency of the Council of the European Union to highlight the business......

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Nutrient cycling and circular economy in the food industry

The CICAT2025 team works in close collaboration with industry, business and other development organisations to identify catalysts that have the potential to accelerate the transition to a circular......

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Systemic transition – we are in it together!

At least from the industrial revolution, and arguably even earlier, the economic system was built on a linear model with assumptions that natural resources will be abundantly available, and the......

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