Emotions in environmental responsibility work - what are they and how can they be managed?

Ten years ago, almost all the literature on emotions in organizational contexts began with the notion that rationality plays an over-emphasized role in organizational research, and there is not enough......

Promoting circular economy requires cross-silo collaboration

The circular economy is seen in Finland as one of the ways to respond to the challenges posed by the current climate crisis. Ministries, companies and other organizations are committed to promoting......

Regulatory barriers and solutions for business models in circular economy

In the CICAT2025 research consortium, the Department of Law at the University of Eastern Finland is studying regulatory guidance that could accelerate sustainable business operations in circular......



SAVE THE DATE: Lähde mukaan kiertotalousjuhlaan!

Etäyhteys / Tampere, Keskustori 4, Kulttuurikahvila Laikku 25.9.2020 14:00

Tervetuloa CICAT2025-hankkeen kolmanteen vuosiseminaariin 25.9.2020!CICAT2025 Kiertotalouden katalyytit: Innovaatioekosysteemeistä liiketoimintaekosysteemeihin -tutkimushanke vauhdittaa Suomen......

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