When institutional logics meet: Alignment and misalignment in collaboration between academia and practitioners

The study examined how the different institutional logics of the cooperating actors affect the collaboration and the emergence of a common understanding, alignment and the achievement of the goal,......

Social Entrepreneurship as a Cluster Concept: Is a Cricket Farming Start-Up a social enterprise?

This research examines social entrepreneurship in accelerating circular economy. The case company, Entocube, farms and develops farming technology for cricket farming. We examine the company with a......

Promoting circular economy requires cross-silo collaboration

The circular economy is seen in Finland as one of the ways to respond to the challenges posed by the current climate crisis. Ministries, companies and other organizations are committed to promoting......



VUOSISEMINAARI VERKOSSA 25.9.: Lähde mukaan kiertotalousjuhlaan!

Etäyhteys 25.9.2020 13:00

Tervetuloa CICAT2025-hankkeen kolmanteen vuosiseminaariin 25.9.2020 klo 13-15!CICAT2025 Kiertotalouden katalyytit: Innovaatioekosysteemeistä liiketoimintaekosysteemeihin -tutkimushanke vauhdittaa......

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