Circular economy Morning Coffee sessions 18.1.–13.12.2023

Zoom 13.12.2023 8:30

Start your Wednesdays off in a great way! We warmly welcome you to the virtual Circular Economy Morning Coffee sessions hosted by the CICAT25 project.

Join us every other Wednesday via Zoom to hear a short presentation on circular economy themes, CICAT25 findings, and future concepts. These presentations are followed by a discussion in a friendly atmosphere.

Sessions run 18.1.–13.12.2023 and are from 8.30–9.15 (UTC+2).
These 45-minute events are open to all, just grab a beverage and join!

To get the Zoom-link please sign up here. 


Program of the sessions:


13.9.2023 “Voiko kielenkäytöllä edistää kiertotaloutta?”
Paula Sjöblom
and Ville Virsu, University of Turku. Presentation in Finnish.

27.9.2023 “Humane individual change agency”
Vaula Berg
, University of Turku. Presentation in Finnish.

11.10.2023 “The dark and gray shades of stakeholder engagement activities in a circular economy: Emerging tensions”
Heta Leinonen
, Tampere University.

25.10.2023 “Kiertotalouden sääntelykatalyytit”
Topi Turunen,
University of Eastern Finland. Presentation in Finnish.

8.11.23 “Circular design: kick start your circular journey – lessons learned from the DeCiDe project in Pietarsaari”
Mira Valkjärvi, University of Turku.

22.11.2023 “Stakeholder engagement in a sustainable circular economy”
Annika Blomberg and co, Tampere University.

13.12.2023 “Customer value of circular B2B offerings”
Mikko Sairanen, Tampere University


Past sessions spring 2023:

18.1.2023 “Three approaches to sustainability in a circular economy”
Anna Heikkinen, Tampere University. Presentation in English.

1.2.2023 “Circular startups opportunity creation”
Ville-Veikko Piispanen, University of Eastern Finland. Presentation in English.

15.2.2023 “Yritykset siirtymässä kiertotalouteen – tunnistettuja haasteita, mutta mistä apuja?”
Milla Sarja, Jyväskylä University. Presentation in Finnish.

1.3.2023 “Miksi paikalla on väliä urbaanissa kiertotaloudessa?”
Ari Jokinen, Tampere University. Presentation in Finnish.

15.3.2023 “Kiertotaloudentekijät-podcastin lanseeraus”
Mira Valkjärvi and Kaisa Henttonen, University of Eastern Finland. Presentation in Finnish.

29.3.2023 “Circular Economy from a global and multidisciplinary perspective – Expanding CE knowledge – collective book of essays and research findings”
Hanna Lehtimäki and Kristina Leppälä, University of Eastern Finland. Presentation in English.

12.4.2023 “Typology of circular economy agency – who are actors catalysing CE transitions, and how do they operate to enable this change” Satu Teerikangas, University of Turku.
Presentation in English.

10.5.2023 ”How institutions shape reverse logistics systems – comparative analysis of package deposit systems in Australia and Finland” Linnea Harala, Tampere University. Presentation in English.

24.5.2023 “Art as a catalyst of change” Juha Suonpää, Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Presentation in English.

7.6.2023: Laurea Circular economy Living Lab X CICAT2025 Morning Coffee: Circular economy in the ICT sector
“Online platforms and circular economy companies” Sini-Tuulia Suokas, University of Eastern Finland. Presentation in English.
PLEASE NOTE! This event has a different Zoom-link than the previous sessions, please register to this session via Laurea’s webpages here.


Check back for updates to speakers!

You can also sign up for an open session or suggest speakers by contacting Kristina Leppälä.


More information:
Kristina Leppälä
University of Eastern Finland