Circular economy is the new normal in construction of wooden apartment buildings in Finland?


”Climate related issues have recently become a favorite topic of speech and media. This topic has attracted the attention of decision makers and companies both in Finland and globally. The linear economy has been counterbalanced by circular economy, which lengthens and closes the material cycle and creates an opportunity for entrepreneurship to evolve towards a more sustainable form. Sure, it’s worth pointing out that the circular economy is not really the same thing as sustainable development, but it creates opportunities for business. It is also important to remember responsibility in circular economy in order it to serve sustainable development. Topical subject of media hype has also been the construction of wooden apartment buildings and has gained huge space in many forums and represents a new kind of construction in Finland. In my Master’s thesis, I study the recognition of business opportunities within the circular economy field as a research context for the construction of wooden apartment buildings in Finland.”

This is how Sini-Tuulia writes from the Department of Economics at the University of Eastern Finland. She completed her Master’s thesis on Innovation Management for CICAT2025 consortium.

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