Circular economy center: a concept for sustainable innovative constitutions


Circular economy requires new business models that per se involve multiple actors. However, examination of these constitutions in the scientific literature is by so far dispersed and there does not exist a comprehensive term for such constitutions. In the paper, “circular economy center” is suggested as a general concept for circular economy constitutions. It is an attempt to bring together the dispersed research fields and help to create founding for a comprehensive research field focused on circular economy constitutions. The concept highlights elements important for circular economy business including importance of an operator, business goals and significance of industrial symbiosis.

Published: The ISPIM Innovation Conference – Celebrating Innovation: 500 Years Since da Vinci” in Florence, Italy on the 16th–19th of June, 2019

Author: Jarmo Uusikartano

Circular Economy Center: Creating a General Concept for Circular Economy Constitutions from Turku University of Applied Sciences / Circular Business Models