Enabling 4P Collaboration: Multidisciplinary, Industrial-Scale Circular Economy Park


The concept for circular economy in Tampere Region, Finland, is revolutionary. There is no more waste; used materials and energy exist to become a great benefit to the society and its citizens. The developed circular economy concept is based on the mutually benefiting cooperation between the public sector, private organizations and the citizens. Together these parties comprise a very powerful ecosystem. This circular economy’s ecosystem produces resource efficiency and economic growth for the whole region in a very cost-efficient way. The waste management prices are the lowest in country due to innovative collaboration in the circular economy. The latest step taken in the development is called ECO3: an innovative, multidisciplinary industrial-scale circular economy park. Based on the R&D ideas of the cooperating public sector, private companies and universities, a new circular innovation ecosystem with dozens of various actors and projects has been created and continuously developed since 2014.


Harri Kallio, Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy
Sakari Ermala, Verte Oy
Marko Seppänen, Tampere University

Published: Proceedings of ISWA

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Marko Seppänen  marko.seppanen@tuni.fi
Sakari Ermala  sakari.ermala@verte.fi