CE Ecosystems

CICAT2025 explores the emergence and structural dynamics of circular economy ecosystems as well as agency in circular economy ecosystems. In particular, we are keen to explore ecosystems dynamics and agency as catalysts toward in transitions toward circular economy. In terms of outcomes, we create a structural map of circular economy business ecosystems and a typology of circular economy actors and change agents.

What do we mean by ecosystems?

The circular economy ecosystem is a multi-actor networked entity in which interacting actors play complementary roles. The actors in the circular economy ecosystem can be companies, cities, ministries, universities, non-profit organizations and citizen-consumers. A single actor can belong to multiple ecosystems, intentionally or unintentionally. The ecosystem emerges or is created around a common goal. In a circular economy, the goal can be to enable resource recycling or reuse, develop circular economy knowledge, or execute a circular economy business. Circular economy ecosystems are characterized by features of many ecosystem types, such as innovation, business or platform ecosystems.

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