Change and Sustainability

CICAT2025 takes policy perspective on catalysts of circular economy transition in urban development. We analyze urban strategies, sustainability action plans and urban regeneration through which circular economy principles are introduced into cities. We seek to increase understanding of alternative pathways for sustainability and how they support urban transition toward circular economy.

What do we mean by sustainable circular economy?

Sustainable circular economy (CE) means reducing the use of natural resources, closing material, energy and nutrition cycles, and retaining the value of products, materials and resources as long as possible. Sustainable CE is implemented in the actions of companies, cities, other organizations and citizens and the promotion of sustainable CE requires comprehensive collaboration across different societal levels.

When promoting sustainable CE, economic, social and ecological consequences for different stakeholders should be evaluated and considered currently and across generations, while staying within global environmental limits in the long term.

The interagency cycle in sustainability transition

This chapter develops the concept of interagency as a research approach to better understand nonhuman agency and materiality in sustainability transitions. Interagency is a process that becomes......

Financial Drivers and Inhibitors of Circular Economy Business

Despite the finance industry’s growing interest towards and crucial role in pursuing sustainable development, scholars’ interest in the connection of finance and sustainability, the Circular......

Circular economy in Finland: Perceptions from the textile industry

This Master's Thesis focused on the perceptions of Finnish textile industry companies on circular economy (CE). The data consisted of 16 semi-structured interviews among Finnish textile industry......