Value creation in circular economy business for sustainability: A stakeholder relationship perspective



This study examined how and what kind value is created within stakeholder relationships in CE business. We conducted a single case study of an energy company that has developed a CE business with local, regional and national stakeholders in Finland. We interviewed company representatives and company’s key stakeholders around CE business (n=20). The study findings consist of joint value creation activities as well as understanding of multidimensional value among stakeholders including the promotion of broad sustainability objectives in society. The findings depict CE business as a systemic and relational phenomenon. A stakeholder relationship model for value creation in CE business is offered. The study is part of CICAT2025 project focusing on CE business and value creation as well as stakeholder cooperation.

Authors: Tapaninaho, Riikka & Heikkinen, Anna, Tampere University

Published: Business Strategy and the Environment

Potential beneficiaries of the results: Ministries, companies, research and development organizations, cities and municipalities, central organizations

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Riikka Tapaninaho
Tampere University