Catalysing change

We are living in a slow-motion climate crisis. Old ways of seeing got us here. Our way as consumers needs to be seen fromfresh perspectives in order to move towards sustainability. Visual representations are a powerful global language and through a process of international co-creation, artists can be future change makers, creating new visual catalysts that can speak across cultures.

In the global sphere, respecting local perspectives is the nucleus of change for a sustainable future; each individual’s choice matter on a local and global scale. We feel it is important to show what is happening on the globe, so we encouraged artists to send project applications which make us see our time from new perspectives in order to accelerate sustainable ideas.

Climate change, extinction of species, micro plastics, useless items, overconsumption in general, and numerous other issues may lead us to depression. We do need hope and new tools to overcome these. The technique was free to choose: from digitally manipulated images, traditional photography, mixed media to video, animation or moving image installations.

Our hope is that Visual Catalysts exhibition can lead to new ways of seeing current global and local problems—as well as to a better
understanding of our own sense of being in the world.