Isabella Presnal
The Invisible Fighters

STRIKE ACTION became more common during the Industrial Revolution when employees demanded better working conditions. Since then, strikes have been a part of history-making around the world.

The largest strikes to date were the global climate strikes on 20th and 27th September 2020. Masses around the world called for actions from political and business leaders. In Helsinki alone, 18,000 people gathered in front of the Parliament House, many of whom were under the age of 20.

The collection contains digitally Manipulated images Originally documenting the climate Strike in Helsinki. The images have now been altered, removing the children and adults holding Protest signs. Thus, they now highlight the Younger generation and their fighting.

In the news and online, we see the faces of those protesting. When taking away the people, others must reflect on themselves and how they are fighting or if at all. It also represents the reality that empty Promises of the future holds, that no one will be here to remember who fought.

POLITICAL STRIKES became known during the Industrial Revolution, when the workforce demanded an improvement in working conditions. Since then, strikes have made history around the world.

Until now, the largest strikes were the international climate strikes on September 20 and 27, 2020. At that time, the masses of people demanded the actions of politicians and economic leaders globally. In Helsinki alone, 18,000 protesters, many under the age of 20, gathered in front of the Parliament House.

This collection contains digitally processed images taken from the Helsinki climate strike. Children and adults wearing demonstration posters have been removed, leaving only representatives of the youth.

In the news, we usually see the faces of protesters. Removing people from an image makes others reflect on their own contribution or omission. At the same time, it depicts empty promises for the future – no one remembers who was involved in the fight.