Triggering sustainability communication in a B2B context: combining action research and sensemaking


This is a action research on initiating sustainability communication in a shipbuilding network. The research data consists of 16 interviews in the network. The key findings are twofold. First, we recognized an environmental manager as a true sustainability change agent in the network. Second, we realized that the concept of sustainability is often perceived as a complicated one. This research supports CICAT2025 project by showing the vital role of the change agent in order to promote the change toward sustainability and circular economy.


Oana Apostol, Tampere University
Marileena Mäkelä, University of Jyväskylä
Katariina Heikkilä, University of Turku
Maria Höyssä, University of Turku
Helka Kalliomäki, University of Vaasa
Leena Jokinen, University of Turku
Jouni Saarni, University of Turku


Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal
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Potential beneficiaries of the results: Companies acting in networks

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Marileena Mäkelä