Visual and linguistic catalysts


The transition from a linear economy to a circular economy requires a fundamental change in our ways of working and thinking, both in business and in society. This need for change also forces us to think in a new way about the language and imagery of the economy. In the CICAT2025 Catalysts on Circular Economy: From Innovation Ecosystems to Business Ecosystems project, we have identified language and arts as catalysts that can accelerate the realization of the circular economy in business and society.

In January 2020 CICAT2025 organized a workshop to discuss and brainstorm what the (new) language of sustainable circular economy could be and how we can use visual arts to open up new perspectives on the potential of sustainable circular economy.

Professor Donna Ladkin from Antioch University, New England, USA was the guest speaker. He is an internationally renowned researcher in leadership and ethics who has delved deeper into aesthetics and body management and organization.

Get insight about the discussions of the day by reading the workbook made by Jani Ikonen:

Visual catalysts workbook