The joint project of Finnish universities, Circular Economy Catalysts: From Innovation to Business Ecosystems (CICAT2025) aims to facilitate the transition from linear to circular economy. The project supports Finland’s strategic objective to become a global leader in circular economy by 2025. The project will work to identify measures hampering and supporting circular economy and search solutions for companies and regulators to support the transition to a circular economy.



Multidisciplinary consortium of CICAT2025 brings together expertise in technology, business, politics, art, linguistics, legislation, and stakeholder interaction. Researchers and coordinators from a total of six organizations are involved.



Customer-perceived value in the circular economy: A multidimensional framework

 The aim of our research was to find out, how the circular economy redefines business customers' perceptions of value and how well supplier companies understand these perceptions. We conducted a......

Domination of Managerial and Technical Frames—How the Circular Economy Is Reported in Finnish Business

 We studied circular economy reporting in the Finnish companies. We used the sustainability reports of the large companies (32 companies) as data source. We noticed three points. First, the CE......

Project-based practices for promoting a sustainability transition in a city organization and its urban context

 We studied a project that was working on urban circular economy to initiate sustainability change in a city. We present longitudinal participatory action research on the activities of a project......