Panel discussion on Sustainable Circular Economy 12.3.2020, Tampere University

Kuva: Vesa-Matti Väärä.

Panel discussion on Sustainable Circular Economy 12.3.2020, Tampere University

A panel discussion on sustainable circular economy takes place as a part of the 8th annual Responsible Business Research Seminar programme. <link >

The panel is organised at 13:30-15:00, Thu 12.3.2020. The discussion is open for all and it is livestreamed at

This panel discussion invites the panellists and the seminar audience to discuss the topic of sustainable circular economy. The focus of the panel is on the following themes:

  • What is sustainable circular economy?
  • How can we enhance silo-crossing stakeholder networks and ecosystems?
  • How can research enhance the transition to sustainable circular economy?


  • Research professor Ali Harlin, VTT, Package-Heroes consortium
  • Program Director, Adjunct Professor Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki, University of Helsinki
  • Business Director Henri Pesonen, Delete
  • Professor Sybille Sachs, University of Applied Sciences Zurich
  • Professor Elisabet Garriga, Eada Business School Barcelona
  • Master Degree student in Management and Organization studies Jenni Kaipainen, Tampere University


  • Vice Principal Investigator of CICAT2025 consortium, professor Hanna Lehtimäki, University of Eastern Finland
  • Senior Lecturer Anna Heikkinen, Tampere University

The discussion is organised in collaboration with strategic research consortium CICAT2025 Circular Economy Catalysts: From Innovation to Business Ecosystems.